O2C, the carbon tool from lifecarbontool for plants


A carbon footprint evaluation tool. The O2C carbon calculator will allow you to evaluate Greenhouse Gas emissions from wastewater treatment, drinking water, or desalination plants in the construction phase or during operation.

An adjustable parameter. The calculator offers you the option of conducting simulations on:

  • the overall perimeter of a plant by entering operation and construction data,
  • the restricted perimeter of a plant by entering operation and construction data.

An exhaustive approach to greenhouse gas emissions. Whether for the construction of a plant or for its operation, the greenhouse gases generated in the following ways shall be taken into account (if applicable):

  • Energy consumption (fuel, electricity, natural gas, etc.)
  • Procedures specific to the water and waste management businesses
  • Production of inputs (reagents, consumables, construction materials, equipment, etc.)
  • Movement of persons
  • Transport of goods, sludge, waste, materials (incoming freight, internal freight, outgoing freight)
  • Waste treatment and sludge processing

A dynamic, scalable online tool. The O2C calculator allows you to :

  • create and record plant scenarios confidentially
  • update greenhouse gas reports periodically online
  • compare scenarios 2×2
  • share results online with the users of your choice
  • export data and results in an easily usable format (pdf, excel)

An up-to-date evaluation tool. The emission factors for the O2C tool come from public sources (Ademe – Carbon Audit®, ASTEE, etc.) as well as investigations conducted by the CIRSEE.
This is true in particular with emissions related to the decomposition of organic materials in anaerobic conditions (CH4) or the treatment of nitrogenous shapes (urea, ammonium, proteins) present in water (N2O generated during the nitrification and denitrification phases). Research into these matters has appeared in recent publications.
One of the specific features of O2C is that it integrates direct emissions from CH4 and N2O related to waste water treatment processes and allows the periodic update of emissions factors.

A “standards” tool. The tool relies on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the greenhouse gas metrics (ISO 14040) defined by international guidelines. It includes the methodological rules of ADEME‘s Bilan Carbone® audit in France, and is based on the guide published by them ASTEE

Data required to start an O2C evaluation

  • Plant characteristics (gross water and quality of treated water output by the plant)
  • Plant operation audits (activity data)
  • Items related to the construction of the plant (construction materials, evacuated materials, equipment, energy used during construction, etc.)

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