OSRAM Light-a-Home


Choose light for your home: economical and environmentally friendly. Rising energy costs and climate change on a global basis make it increasingly important to save energy and minimize our carbon footprint. If you choose more energy-efficient light bulbs you can reduce your power consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions considerably. Use OSRAM Light-a-Home and find out how much you can save in your home. Simply compare the light bulbs you are currently using with our OSRAM energy savers.


OSRAM Light Consultant


Calculating tool for economical and energy-efficient lighting systems. Besides the ideal illumination and the numerous application possibilities, the economical aspect of a light system gets more and more important for the purchase decision. With the right lighting system, you save energy, costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

How much you can save with an innovative light system from OSRAM will be demonstrated with our Light-Consultant. This tool enables you to compare conventional light systems with energy-saving solutions from OSRAM for different light projects.  You see at a glance how fast a system change pays back and which savings can be achieved.