Mini300 LED app


Manage lighting and energy by app: A movement detector combined with a daylight sensor enables further energy savings. Our Mini300 LED gen2 app gives users control in ways that are simply not possible with other luminaires.


LED Road Calculator


The LED Road Calculator app is an easy support tool that enables you to find the right luminaire version by selecting the required lighting parameters that are relevant for your Outdoor lighting project in a few steps.

The result gives a recommendation of the most suitable luminaire version with ordering code. Based on single-sided lighting installation parameters and the choice of the luminaire, it will give the best solution in term of luminaire version, maximum pole spacing and system power.

Philips Lighting Hub


The Philips Lighting Hub is a great source for inspiration and information and helps you plan your projects. The Hub contains inspirational projects and also offers you the complete global professional lighting portfolio for easy access offline without being on the internet. Add products to your project planner and share with everybody.

Philips lighting upgrade


This Calculator is intended to provide an example of potential savings based on your input, and is provided “as is”. Philips does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use, validity, or accuracy of the results of the tool. Actual savings may vary.



The BEopt™ (Building Energy Optimization) software provides capabilities to evaluate residential building designs and identify cost-optimal efficiency packages at various levels of whole-house energy savings along the path to zero net energy. BEopt can be used to analyze both new construction and existing home retrofits, through evaluation of single building designs, parametric sweeps, and cost-based optimizations.

BEopt provides detailed simulation-based analysis based on specific house characteristics, such as size, architecture, occupancy, vintage, location, and utility rates. Discrete envelope and equipment options, reflecting realistic construction materials and practices, are evaluated. BEopt uses existing, established simulation engines (currently DOE2.2 or EnergyPlus). Simulation assumptions are based on the Building America House Simulation Protocols.  The sequential search optimization technique used by BEopt:

  • Finds minimum-cost building designs at different target energy-savings levels,
  • Identifies multiple near-optimal designs along the path, allowing for equivalent solutions based on builder or contractor preference.

BEopt has been developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in support of the U. S. Department of Energy Building America program goal to develop market-ready energy solutions for new and existing homes.

AnTherm (Thermal Heat Bridges)


AnTherm (Analysis of Thermal behaviour of Building Constructions with Heat Bridges) is a powerful program used for heat flow calculation in building construction elements – the thermal heat bridges and vapour bridges. Thermal Bridge Assessment can be executed easily, quickly and precisely with AnTherm.
This Thermal Heat / Cold Bridge Simulation Software calculates the distribution of temperature, heat streams and vapor diffusion streams within building components of arbitrary form and built as composite of arbitrary materials. Furthermore AnTherm can compute and evaluate the dew point values (condensing humidity) at all component surfaces as well as partial vapor pressure in components interior. This application is also suitable for analysing dynamic behavior of building components (for periodic, harmonic, transient boundary conditions).

One Stop Green Mobile


One Stop Green’s handy Mobile App allows you to receive daily green tips, includes a solar, wind, water, and lighting calculator and lets you conduct home energy audits right from your mobile phone.

Help Protect our Environment and Save Money using the App’s Green Tools:

• Conduct your own Energy Audit. • Get your Green Score and review the ways to improve it in your home’s energy audit. • One Stop Green Tips provide great ways, both small and big, to start saving energy, money, and our environment in both your home and office immediately. • Identify your potential savings and system requirements for solar, water, and wind systems by automatically determining sunny days, wind speed, and inches of rain fall based on your current location. The Toolbox also uses a CFL Lighting calculator to help you calculate potential Lighting savings for your home. • Share what you discover with your friends and family via email, Facebook, and Twitter. • Learn new and innovative ways of being green and saving money by signing up to receive green tips on your mobile phone!